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What is the cost to rewrite an online unproctored exam?

There is no cost to re-write an online unproctored exam with the exception of the Labour Sponsored Investment Funds Course (LSIF), Canadian Deposits Self-Study Course offered by the Registered Deposit Brokers Association (RDBA) and the 90 Day Training Course (3...

How do I take an online unproctored exam?

You can access your online unproctored exam by logging into your IFSE account. Once you have logged in: Choose “Launch this Course”. Once you launch the course, you can access your Examination or Assessment.

Do I need to register for an online unproctored exam?

No, an online unproctored exam is an exam that is taken via The exam is available 24/7 and may be completed from any location where there is internet access. You receive your grade immediately upon submission.

How do I know if my course has an online unproctored exam?

Online unproctored exams are not invigilated so you do not need to go to a specified exam session. Online unproctored exams are available through the IFSE website 24/7 so you have the flexibility to do them whenever you wish. The individual webpages for each course...