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IFSE is a leader in online learning delivery, dedicated to helping Canadians improve their financial literacy by providing practical, cost-effective financial education and support for individuals, firms and academic institutions.

Our courses cover all aspects of the financial services industry and are designed to help students and professionals start and improve their career opportunities.

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There are two main approaches to investment fund construction: active and passive. Let’s look at the essential features of each. Read More >>
Breaking down the mutual fund management expense ratio
The topic of mutual fund fees has been getting a lot of attention lately. As mutual fund fees are taken from the entire pool of investor assets and shown as a percentage (instead of as a dollar figure), many people still aren’t completely clear on what these fees are and what they cover. Read More >>
Case study: Practical training for the real world
IFSE’s courses can make a meaningful difference in your career! Since IFSE is an industry-leading provider of financial education, it seems fitting to recall our school days and revisit our ABCs – but this time with a new twist. Read More >>
Tips for finding study time
It’s important to succeed in the courses you take, so put in the effort and prioritize studying in your schedule. The more distractions you can avoid, the more productive your studying will be! Here are five tips to help you find the study time you need: Read More >>
Media release: IFIC/IFSE show support for new ETF proficiency standard
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