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IFSE is a leader in online learning delivery, dedicated to helping Canadians improve their financial literacy by providing practical, cost-effective financial education and support for individuals, firms and academic institutions.

Our courses cover all aspects of the financial services industry and are designed to help students and professionals start and improve their career opportunities.

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Case study: Practical training for the real world
IFSE’s courses can make a meaningful difference in your career! Since IFSE is an industry-leading provider of financial education, it seems fitting to recall our school days and revisit our ABCs – but this time with a new twist. Read More >>
8 Strategies to Succeed on Exam Day
Even though the word “exam” can strike fear into many students, we don’t think that’s necessary. IFSE exams are straightforward multiple-choice tests in which you choose one answer from among four possible options to each question. There are many ways to improve your chances of passing. The following techniques will help you perform well on exam day. Read More >>
Are we on the road to “Robo-geddon”?
The term “robo-advisor” is used in the media today as part of a wider financial technology (“fintech”) revolution that is changing the way Canadians – and the world – interact with the financial services industry. But many people aren’t entirely sure what the word “robo-advisor” really means. Read More >>
Who oversees Canada’s mutual fund industry?
The Canadian mutual fund industry is highly regulated. Several organizations exist to make sure everyone in the industry follows similar rules and standards and acts to protect investors. These organizations govern everything from how and when information about a fund must be given to investors, to the standards advisors must meet. Read More >>

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