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Industry leaders tell their stories

Today’s financial industry leaders come from incredibly wide-ranging backgrounds – as diverse as the people they work with, and support. Their unique journeys and interests tell us one thing: it doesn’t matter where you’re coming from, if you have a passion for the industry and are willing to learn, there’s a promising, fulfilling career for you in financial services. IFSE can help you chart your own path to industry success!

Read their stories. Chart your path.

Christina Ashmore

Financial Educator

Lori Landry

Marketing Guru

David Nicholson

Wealth Management Leader

Jennifer Cook

Independent Operator

Pat Bartlett

Global Team Lead

Hershey Rendon

Community Partner

Tony Mahabir

Idealistic Entrepreneur

John Lewis

Career Coach

Paul C. Bourque

Industry Advocate

Cheryl Hamilton

Compliance Champion

Kevin Gopaul

ETF Innovator

Craig Burrows

Exempt Market Executive

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