90 Day Training Course

All new Dealing Representatives are required to complete training in the first 90 days of their registration when they are registered with a dealer under the MFDA. The IFSE 90 Day Training Course provides dealers and their Dealing Representatives with the foundational learning components for their 90 Day training program. New Dealing Representatives learn about the world of financial services, the financial services industry in Canada, and the regulation of financial services. The course provides important information about the role of the Dealing Representative, the role and organizational structure of their dealer, the products and services that they offer, and their ethical and regulatory obligations.

Tools and Pricing

Standard Course Price $250
IFIC Members Course Price $200
Printed Textbook $70
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Course Information

Delivery Online
Language English
Suggested study time 30 hours
Enrolment period 1 year

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  • Newly registered Dealing Representatives of MFDA dealers

  • Online unproctored exam: The student must pass each of the 9 Online Case Study Exams with a pass rate of 60% or higher in order to pass the 90 Day Training Course.
Note: Your first exam attempt (exceptions may apply) is included in the price of the course enrolment. Additional fees apply for subsequent exam attempts.

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The Financial Services Industry
Regulation of Financial Services
Mutual Fund Dealers and Dealing Representatives
Products and Services
New Accounts
Advising Clients
Know Your Client, Know Your Product, and Suitability
The Sales and Trade Execution Process
Ethics and Standard of Conduct


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Exam results for Computer-based Test Centre Proctored and Computer-based Online Proctored exams are available online within 2 business days following the exam if you have no outstanding fees.

Exam results for Online Unproctored exams are available immediately upon submission.

Exam results for Paper-based Proctored exams are available online within 3 to 5 business days if you have no outstanding fees.

When your grade has been released, you can access your exam results by logging into your IFSE account. Once you have logged in:

  • Select “My IFSE”
  • Select “Courses”
  • Select “Show me my Marks for this Course” (this link only appears when your results are available).

There is no cost to re-write an online unproctored exam with the exception of the Labour Sponsored Investment Funds Course (LSIF), Canadian Deposits Self-Study Course offered by the Registered Deposit Brokers Association (RDBA) and the 90 Day Training Course (3 attempts allowed for each of the 9 case study exams). Click here to view the cost to re-write the online exam for these courses. You must contact us to pay the re-write fee. Once the re-write fee is paid, IFSE will reset your exam.

IFSE Institute cannot be held responsible for technical problems that you experience with your equipment or internet service. You can check out the user requirements here.

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