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What are printed text materials or textbooks?

Printed text materials or textbooks are hardcopy versions of the online course material. They are optional to purchase and take between five to seven business days to be delivered. They do not include any interactive components (i.e., exercises, quizzes, case study...

What is self-study?

Self-study means that you set your own timetable for completing lessons and study at your own pace. All courses must, however, be completed within the allotted timeframe.

What is a proctor?

A proctor is a person responsible for overseeing and monitoring an exam. He or she is unable to answer any questions about the exam or your status with IFSE. His or her job is strictly to invigilate the exam.

What is a profile?

Your profile, also referred to as your “student profile,” is information retained on IFSE’s system that relates specifically to you. It starts with the information you provided when you signed up with us and expands as you perform activities, such as...

What does “IFIC” stand for?

IFIC is the Investment Funds Institute of Canada, a trade association dedicated to enhancing the integrity and growth of the investment funds industry in Canada. IFSE Institute is wholly owned by IFIC. You can find more information about IFIC at