August 19th, 2016

Go team go!

5 ways study groups can improve your exam success

There’s nothing like the memory of late-night study sessions to send shivers down the spines of adults continuing their professional development. But studying doesn’t have to be the challenge that it once was. One way to make it easier is to start (or join) a study group. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Fill in the gaps

In a group, your weaknesses will be more apparent than when you’re alone. While that’s probably the top reason why people don’t study in groups, it may be the top benefit of group study as well. Knowing your weaknesses helps you focus your study and overcome your weaknesses. While we supply practice exams and quizzes, your group members can quiz you on specific areas where you’re facing challenges.

  1. Raises the stakes with a little competition

Another great benefit of group work is the potential to “gamify” your studies. This starts with setting specific goals, such as finishing a chapter by the end of the week. You can challenge one another, and then create rewards and punishments. All in good fun, of course. Maybe you all chip in and buy the winner a coffee at the next session.

  1. Stop procrastinating

The simple act of cracking a book – or logging in – can seem insurmountable some evenings. A long day at the office is more than enough to drive people to their couches … or anywhere else besides more work. If you have a group that depends on you to participate, however, that obligation is more than enough to keep you committed to advancing your career through education.

  1. Learn how to learn

By working in a group, you’ll learn new study techniques. Some people use flashcards, others cram as much info as possible onto one sheet of paper. Some people try to visualize, while others tackle their challenges with rote memorization. Study group sessions are the perfect time to experiment, ask questions and find out which methods work best for you.

  1. Practice teamwork and cooperation

If you’re newer to the world of financial services, working within your study group is a great opportunity to develop your teamwork and collaboration skills. These “soft” skills are fundamental for just about every position you could hold in our industry.

Take the team approach and start a study group today. Good luck on your exam!

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