July 25th, 2017

Where to find jobs in the financial services industry?

You want to work in the financial services industry but you’re not sure where the best places are to look for a job. There are so many options available these days that you can spend a lot of time just exploring them. You want to find the most efficient way to narrow your search directly to the financial services industry.

Where do you find these jobs? Try these tips.

Online resources

With the advent of the internet, searching for jobs has become much easier. There is an abundance of resources online to help job seekers. On the flip side, there’s also a lot more information available to go through. Focus your search by visiting these sites.

  • Online job boards – Visiting industry-specific job boards is one way to save time. These job boards only display opportunities from companies operating in this space. Both IFSE Careerlink and IFIC Job Board exclusively serve the financial services industry.
  • “Careers” pages on company websites – Quite often, companies post available career opportunities on their own websites. Some also offer you the ability to apply online. If you know what company you want to work for, this is an effective way to find out if the company is hiring, and for what roles.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a business/employment social networking tool that professionals use to connect with each other. It’s a great way for you to manage your professional online presence by showing potential employers your educational background, work experience, skills and accomplishments. The platform also uses your data to present job opportunities that may interest you. Just click on the “Jobs” tab on the menu bar after you login.

Hidden job market

Most employment openings these days are not even posted. This is referred to as the hidden job market. If employers can find qualified candidates without advertising, they can save time and money. Tapping into the hidden job market can open up opportunities for you and, because these jobs are not advertised, there may be less competition for the position.

Networking, talking to people and making yourself known to others, are great ways to unlock the hidden job market.

  • Industry groups/professional associations – Consider joining an industry group or professional association. By mingling with others who already work in the industry, you’ll get a better appreciation of what it’s like and you’ll have the opportunity to let them know that you’re looking for work. Prepare a short “speech” beforehand so you can deliver your message in a clear and articulate manner.
  • Events – Attend industry-related job fairs, trade shows and conferences. Again, here’s an opportunity to meet and talk with industry insiders. Job fairs have the added purpose of connecting job seekers with prospective employers. IFSE sponsors several events throughout the year, so check our website to see where we’ll be.
  • Recruiters – Reach out to recruiters who specialize in financial services. They’ll keep your resume in their database and contact you if an opportunity comes up that matches your experience and skills. Remember that they’re working for the client, so you’ll have to keep in touch with them (perhaps with updates on your resume) on a regular basis to remain top-of-mind.

Be sure to check out these job boards:

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