September 20th, 2017

Financial services needs more female leaders. Could you be next?

Historically a male-dominated industry, women now hold nearly half of all roles in financial services around the world. So despite the past imbalance, the industry is rapidly evolving.

Among the global rankings, Canada performs especially well for having women in executive positions in the financial services industry. In Canada, 23% of all senior executive roles are held by women, placing third in the world behind Norway and Sweden. The growth of women in financial services really comes as no surprise, as companies with women active on their board of directors have been shown to significantly outperform organizations with fewer or no women in senior leadership roles.

Whether you’re just starting out or transitioning from another sector, choosing a career in financial services can be a rewarding decision. As more companies promote gender diversity, there’s clearly never been a better time for more women to join the financial services industry.

Want to start a career in financial services?

A great way to not only get started in the industry, but to really thrive, is to enter through the advice channel. Aside from being part of an exciting industry that’s rapidly changing and growing with the emergence of new technology, it offers many additional benefits. Here are four of the top reasons you should consider a career as a financial advisor:

  • Flexibility: whether you have a family at home, want to take classes to continue developing your career, or just want more control of your schedule, most financial advisors have the advantage of creating a schedule that works for their lifestyle.
  • Relationship building: by working closely with clients to understand their goals, and create a plan of action to help them reach those goals, you’ll inherently form close relationships. You’ll also get the satisfaction of knowing that the guidance, education and expertise you provide enriches the lives of others.
  • Challenging: a career in financial services will challenge you and help you grow, both personally and professionally. It’s a dynamic, fast-paced industry so there’s always something new happening. You’ll have the ability to constantly improve your knowledge to better serve your clients.
  • Be rewarded for hard work: as a sales-based career, you have the potential to be well compensated. Becoming a financial advisor is a professional career choice that suits those with an entrepreneurial spirit.

There’s no better time than today

Companies are beginning to realize and welcome the benefits offered by a more varied collection of perspectives that comes along with a diverse workforce, and those same companies are making deliberate efforts to promote diversity.

Today, more women are working than ever before, they’re earning more than ever before, and they have a greater impact on the economy. Getting more women into financial services, specifically into financial advisor roles, is a natural progression for those who are looking to kickstart their career. If you’re ready to take the first step, check out our job board, or take a look at our Canadian Investment Funds Course or Life License Qualification Program.