September 13th, 2016

Case study: Practical training for the real world

Featured students: David Berliner and Raphael Bouskila

IFSE course: Exempt Market Proficiency Course (EMP)

As financial markets become more complex, investors are seeking alternative strategies and new ways to generate portfolio returns. The exempt market has grown in popularity as companies turn to private capital for funding.

With evolving regulations and higher barriers to entry for investors, the exempt market can be challenging to navigate, requiring specific expertise. The Exempt Market Proficiency Course (EMP) provides students with the education and certification they need to fulfill proficiency requirements for the exempt market.

David Berliner and Raphael Bouskila are co-founders of an online investment platform for clean energy projects. In their business they deal with institutional and accredited individual investors, so they needed to complete the EMP to qualify as dealing representatives of an exempt market dealer.

How the EMP has helped David and Raphael in their day-to-day job

“We spend all day in the exempt market world, so everything we’ve learned is useful. For example, when we launched our Green Bond, we considered all the possible types of qualified investors so we could better grasp the potential market. Ultimately, we are committed to meeting our clients’ interests, and what we’ve learned from the EMP helps us achieve that.”

What advice do David and Raphael have for other students taking the EMP?

Find out now by reading David and Raphael’s case study.

IFSE’s courses can make a meaningful difference in your career

Students often thank us for equipping them with the confidence, expertise and (where applicable) academic accreditation to advance in their careers. We love hearing from our students and thought it would be useful to highlight some of them and the career success they’ve been able to achieve, in part by completing our courses.

We have put together a series of short case studies featuring real-life students who have gained a competitive advantage in the workplace through their IFSE education. We hope you enjoy these case studies and can get a better sense of how IFSE’s practical, comprehensive courses can help you develop in your own career.

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