December 13th, 2016

Case study: Practical training for the real world

Featured student: Jatinder Bajwa

IFSE course: Branch Managers’ Examination Course (BM)

Within the highly regulated, compliance-focused financial services industry, today’s Branch Manager or Branch Compliance Officer faces many complex issues and takes on many crucial responsibilities. Proper training and education are key to success, and that’s where IFSE’s Branch Managers’ Examination Course (BM) comes into play.

Jatinder Bajwa is a Banking Centre Leader (also known as a Branch Manager) at one of Canada’s major banks. As Jatinder was being groomed for branch management, his employer and several colleagues steered him towards the BM as a way to meet his specific training requirements.

Jatinder has never looked back. The BM delivered all the knowledge and direction he needed to prepare for his promotion. He found the course to be well organized and easy to understand, with the lessons about risk management being especially valuable as he learned to view risk mitigation from both the bank’s and the client’s perspectives. Since coaching and leadership are key components of his role, Jatinder considers the section on effective supervision to be highly practical.

Jatinder’s advice for other students taking the BM

Preparation is key, learning all of the concepts inside out. Also try to apply the course content to your job so it becomes relevant and not just theoretical.

How has the BM helped Jatinder in his day-to-day job?

Find out now by reading Jatinder’s case study.