Computer-based Online Proctored Exams (IFSE eTest)

IFSE Institute has partnered with YouTestMe to offer computer-based testing to our students on the IFSE eTest platform. You can now write your single online proctored LLQP certification exam in the comfort of your own home or office while being monitored remotely. You can book into any open timeslot available on the exam calendar. Before booking, it’s important for you to make sure that you have the right environment and equipment to proceed with the exam. You can perform the systems check using the link below. If incident-free, your exam results are posted within 3 to 5 business days.

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Important Information
Configuration requirements
Exam Dates
Exam Accommodation Request
Exam Terms and Conditions
Non-disclosure agreement and general terms of use
Exam Policies and Procedures
Exam booking guide
Setup and Check-In Guide

Certification Fees

The certification exam is subject to a fee, which is applicable for each attempt. The fee amount depends on the duration of the exam, as outlined in the table below

Offering Number of Exam Questions Duration Cost
LLQP (Canada)
LLQP (Common Law)
LLQP (Civil Code)
100 3 Hours $60
A&S (Canada)
A&S (Common Law)
A&S (Civil Code)
Top up A&S
50 1.5 Hours $30
Ethics and Professional Practice (Common Law)
Ethics and Professional Practice (Civil Code)
20 1 Hour $20

Important Information

Please make sure you satisfy ALL these requirements before proceeding:
Click the “Systems Test” button below to make sure your device is compatible with the technical requirements. You will need a desktop or laptop computer (please do not use tablets or mobile phones), a working webcam, a microphone (or headphones with a microphone), Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers (Note: Google Chrome is recommended.  Safari is not supported).

The exam and proctoring are done online. A connectivity issue may lead to technical problems.
The check-in process and proctoring are available in English and French. Please make sure you book your exam with your desired language. This will ensure you are able to understand the instructions and communicate with your proctor.
No objects are allowed on your desk during the exam. Since you cannot use your own materials during the exam, you will have access to the following items within the testing platform: a calculator, online notepad, and access to the CISRO manuals.
The proctor will be monitoring your environment during the exam. This means the proctor can see you, your desk and your screen activity. Any suspicious sounds heard through your microphone, or persons visible through your camera other than you could lead to the proctor ending your exam early.
Please arrive for your exam at the scheduled start time to begin the check-in process. The check-in process includes:

· testing your computer system again,
· taking your head-shot photo,
· taking pictures of your valid, government-issued, photo ID
· examining your test environment.

Exam check-in can take up to 30 minutes. Once check-in is complete and you are granted exam access, your timer for testing will begin. Please note that your exam session will be recorded.


Students must complete the pre-requisite learning activities to unlock the certification exam. Highlights include:

  • Assessments for each module in the Program offering, for example LLQP Common Law requires student to write the Life, Accident & Sickness, Segregated Funds, and Ethics & Professional Practice (common law) assessments.
  • Passing grade of 60% or higher required in all modules to fulfill the pre-requisite requirement.
  • Unlimited attempts at the assessments.
  • 120 minutes to complete each assessment.
  • Once student passes all modular assessments, the certification exam unlocks and they can proceed to book their online proctored certification exam using the online calendar of available exam dates.


Student will need to successfully complete all pre-requisite learning activities before the single, online proctored certification exam unlocks.

By having students complete the pre-requisite learning activities, IFSE is able to demonstrate to the regulators that students have gone through the studying process. Since we’re moving to a single certification exam, having students continue to do the modular assessments strengthens IFSE’s position and is an excellent way for students to prepare for their exam.​

If you fail an exam attempt you can reschedule as soon as your previous exam results are posted on your student account.

You can typically expect to receive your exam results within 24 to 48 hours of your exam.

Yes, the exam is available in French and English.

Please contact us at 1-888-865-2437 or and someone will help you.

  • A working webcam
  • Microphone (or headphones with a microphone)
  • A stable and fast Internet connection
  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers (Note: Google Chrome is recommended. Safari is not supported).

Students must also perform a demonstration test on their computer to prepare for their actual exam. The demo test helps students get familiar with the exam interface and checks their equipment and Internet connection.

You will receive information prior to your exam that will contain a technical support contact number.  In the event you are unable to proceed with your exam, you may contact IFSE at 1-888-865-2437 to help you to reschedule.

  • You will forfeit the exam attempt if you do not show up for your exam.
  • You will need to reschedule the exam and pay the associated rewrite fee.
  • You may contact IFSE at 1-888-865-2437 or for more information.

With a computer-based online proctored exam, you write the exam using your own computer in your own environment while being proctored (monitored) by an individual in a different location. The exam is delivered through the computer and you will answer each test question by inputting the information into your computer.

Technology is used to allow the proctor to monitor your activity during the exam and to communicate with you if necessary. You are required to meet specific systems requirements to take the test using this format.

IFSE has partnered with YouTestMe to offer computer-based testing on IFSE’s platform.

No. Since we’re arranging proctoring for IFSE’s students only, there will be set dates and times similar to paper-based exams.