April 5th, 2022

What does the single comprehensive computer-based online proctored certification exam consist of?

The certification exam is a single exam that includes questions from all modules and:

  • Online proctored.
  • Maximum 4 exam attempts.
  • Student must achieve 60% or higher to pass.
  • Student will receive feedback by way of Learning Outcomes
  • Student has access to CISRO pdfs, calculator, note pad within the exam platform
  • Photo ID is validated by webcam.
  • The exam is subject to a fee, which is applicable for each attempt.
  • The fee amount depends on the duration of the exam, as outlined in the table below.
Offering Number of Exam Questions Duration Cost
LLQP (Canada)
LLQP (Common Law)
LLQP (Civil Code)
100 3 Hours $60
A&S (Canada)
A&S (Common Law)
A&S (Civil Code)
Top up A&S
50 1.5 Hours $30
Ethics and Professional Practice (Common Law)
Ethics and Professional Practice (Civil Code)
20 1 Hour $20