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October 18th, 2015

Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller is an administrative assistant with SurePath Group, a financial advisory and insurance practice located in Red Deer, Alberta. Already responsible for a high volume of back office support in her firm’s investment and insurance businesses, Jennifer has been looking to transition to a travel insurance agent role. The completion of IFSE’s Accident and Sickness Insurance (A&S) course was a vital component in this new step in her career

Jennifer knew some of what to expect from the course; several colleagues on the insurance side of the practice had enthusiastically recommended the A&S course to her. While she already had a solid foundation of experience in investments and financial planning, Jennifer found the A&S course particularly useful in providing new insights into this specialized area.

The subject matter of the A&S course is deep and detailed, but Jennifer found that it fit very well into her existing work and family life. Jennifer reports that by committing herself to cover one chapter a week, plus practice quizzes and practice tests, she was able to fit her A&S studies seamlessly into her busy schedule, which includes her full-time job and two school-aged children.

How has the A&S course helped Jennifer in her day-to-day job?

“It was interesting and practical to learn about all the groups, programs and individual benefit types in the insurance industry. The A&S learnings were very useful to me in my changing role and in my own career progress. If I were to look again into expanding my role, I’d definitely go with IFSE.”

Advice from Jennifer for other students taking the A&S course

“I’d advise them to study! Even though the exam’s open book, I found I needed to know the material. You don’t want to spend an hour during the exam looking up the answer. I met a couple of people at my exam who had already failed the previous day, so you don’t want to spend your time taking the exam multiple times.”