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New Canadians

When you move to a new country it’s exciting to think about the possibilities for the future, but it can also be scary at times as you consider important questions.

Where will I reside? How will I integrate into a new culture? How will I earn a living?

Career decisions are extremely important since your job will affect where you live, the professional (and also personal) contacts you will make and the money you will have available to live the life you want.

Why consider a career in financial services?

The financial services industry is a great place to work in Canada. As one of the country’s most attractive industries, it has a worldwide reputation for strength and stability.

The financial services industry plays a vital role in the financial well-being of Canadians and to the economy as a whole, which is why it continues to grow and offer outstanding job opportunities. Refer to the following statistics from a 2016 report by The Conference Board of Canada.

If you’re thinking about entering the financial services industry, or if you have experience and would like to make the transition to working in Canada, we can help.

Take your first step with IFSE

IFSE is a Canadian leader in online learning delivery. Since 1967, we have been dedicated to helping our students improve their financial literacy by providing best-in-class financial education and support.

Whether you want to work in banking, insurance, investment funds or any other area of financial services in Canada, we can provide the training and (where applicable) the proficiency exam for industry licensing you require to grow your career.

Why you should choose IFSE for training

  • We offer a wide range of innovative courses with interactive design to enhance the online learning experience
  • We provide exceptional student support and learning tools, plus convenient anytime access to course materials
  • Experts in their field create our courses, and we offer a flexible course format to accommodate different learning styles
  • As financial products, markets and regulations evolve, we develop courses to meet the new needs of our students
  • Being a not-for-profit organization, IFSE can offer affordable training that is widely accessible
  • We train more than 20,000 students a year, helping them achieve their career goals

Other Resources

Here are a number of useful resources, including articles, news, webinars, job boards and other support tools, to help you succeed in Canada. We invite you to visit the following links:

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It’s powerful to hear from students – just like you – who have taken IFSE courses and can pass along their thoughts on how these courses have helped them succeed.

Here are just a few examples of students whose careers have benefited from IFSE training.

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In addition to our courses, we have blog articles that are useful to students and anyone working in the financial services industry. Click here to visit the IFSE blog page, and also refer below for a sampling of articles that may interest you:

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IFSE training is a proven way to start, develop and succeed in your financial services career. To find out more about our courses, or if you have questions about IFSE, please contact us.

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