June 7th, 2016

How do I become certified through IFSE?

The LLQP is divided up into the following modules:

  • Life insurance
  • Accident and sickness insurance
  • Segregated funds and annuities
  • Ethics and professional practice (common law or civil code)

Depending on the license type and jurisdiction, you take the module combination that’s right for you. Each module has prerequisite learning activities and a single online proctored certification exam that requires a minimum grade of 60% for successful completion. You must pass all the prerequistite exam and the single online proctored certification exam in order for IFSE to certify you.

For example, if you want to be certified for LLQP (common law), you must pass all the following prerequisite learning activities and the single online proctored certification exam before IFSE will certify you to write the provincial exams:

  • Life insurance exam
  • Accident and sickness insurance exam
  • Segregated funds and annuities exam
  • Ethics and professional practice (common law) exam