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March 29th, 2016

Rosemary Barber

Rosemary Barber is an Administrative Assistant at Les Associés Redsell-Séguin & Associates, IPC Investment Corporation. While she had been productive in her position, she knew she could contribute even more to the team. One day, she was discussing professional training with a colleague and asked her which course she had taken to become a Licensed Assistant. Rosemary’s colleague directed her to IFSE’s Canadian Investment Funds Course (CIFC).

Rosemary decided to take the CIFC since she knew that once she became licensed, she would be able to accomplish much more in her role at work. She also intends to take the Branch Managers’ Examination Course to help her advance further in her financial services career.

When considering her experience with the CIFC, Rosemary found that the interactive testing throughout the online course greatly assisted her in identifying areas to which she needed to pay added attention before proceeding to the next component. The testing helped her learn the course content more thoroughly and better prepare for the exam.

Having successfully completed the CIFC, Rosemary became a Licensed Assistant and has now expanded on her responsibilities. For instance, when a representative is away from the office and a client calls looking for assistance, she is better able to help with their needs.

How has the CIFC helped Rosemary in her day-to-day job?

“Recently, I assisted several clients while a representative in our office was on vacation, so we were able to maintain a high level of service in a seamless manner, contributing to continued client satisfaction. This would not have been possible if I hadn’t taken the CIFC.”

What advice does Rosemary have for other students taking the CIFC?

 “I would recommend doing plenty of practice exam questions. I found the Study Guide and also the CIFC Exam Preparation Live Webinar recordings to be extremely helpful. Hearing the instructor on the webinar go through each question and answer was very beneficial.”