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Critical Information for

Computer-based Online Proctored Exams

Please make sure you satisfy ALL these requirements before proceeding:
Do not take your exam in a setting with a corporate firewall (including VPN) or alert your Network Administrator to the network configuration requirements. We recommend testing on a personal computer. Work computers generally have more restrictions that may prevent successful delivery.

Click the “Systems Test” button below to make sure your device is compatible with the technical requirements.
Firewalls and VPNs cannot be detected by the systems test. Therefore, it is up to you to ensure you are in a FIREWALL & VPN free environment for your exam.

The exam and proctoring are done online. A connectivity issue may lead to technical problems.

The check-in process and proctoring are only available in English. Fluency in English will ensure you are able to understand the instructions and communicate with your proctor.

No objects are allowed on your desk during the exam except your computer. Your cellphone should be away from you but within reach in case the proctor needs to call you. A calculator and whiteboard are provided to you within the testing platform, you cannot use your own.

The proctor will be monitoring your environment during the exam. Any suspicious sounds heard through your microphone, or persons visible through your camera other than you could lead to the proctor ending your exam early.

Select the corresponding time zone for the location you are planning to sit your exam at. You can select the time zone at the top of the exam start time screen on the Pearson website.

Arrive 30 minutes before your exam start time to begin your check-in process which includes: testing your system again, taking your head-shot, and taking pictures of your valid, government-issued, photo ID and your test environment. Please note that your exam session will be recorded.