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Branch Managers' Examination Course (BME)

The Branch Managers’ Examination (BME) Course is the IFSE proficiency course for those who aspire to become a Branch Manager or an Alternate Branch Manager for a member dealer under the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada (MFDA). Recognized under MFDA Rule 2.5.5, the BME course covers the role and responsibilities of Branch Managers for branch supervision, including the supervision of Dealing Representatives. Proficiency under the BME course is applicable to MFDA member dealers in all provinces, except Québec.
Branch Managers’ Examination Course (BME)
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Course Information


Suggested study time
30 to 60 hours
Enrolment period
1 year
Unit Quizzes
5 questions per unit
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  • Those seeking to become a Branch Manager or Alternate Branch Manager for an MFDA member dealer (except Québec)
  • Those seeking to become a Branch Manager or Alternate Branch Manager for non-MFDA dealers who have designated the IFSE BME Course under their firm’s proficiency requirements
  • Anyone interested in learning about the duties and responsibilities of a Branch Manager
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1.PEARSON VUE Computer-based test centre proctored exam
2.PEARSON VUE Computer-based test centre proctored exam
Time permitted
90 minutes
Question format
50 Questions, Multiple choice
Passing grade
Attempts allowed

Note: Your first online remote proctored exam attempt (exceptions may apply) is included in the price of the course enrolment. Additional fees apply for subsequent exam attempts and other exam delivery formats.

CE Credit Matrix


The Role of the Branch Manager
Branch Supervision
Know Your Client, Know Your Product,  and Suitability
Other Legislation and Regulatory Requirements
New Accounts and Trade Reviews
Other Branch Supervision Activities
Business Conduct Supervision


How do I register for a Course?

Follow these instructions.

  • Select the LOGIN/REGISTER box.
  • For returning students, login using your username and password. Select “Enrol in a Course” in the menu bar.
    For new students choose “Become a Student” and supply all mandatory information in the following screens.
  • If you have a contract code and password, enter it where required and click “Yes”. If you do not have a contract code, click “No”.
  • Select the course you want to enrol in. Click “Next”.
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  • Provide your credit card information and click on “Pay Now”. Please do not touch the screen until your payment has been processed. A copy of the receipt will appear and can be printed for your records. The receipt will also be stored in your student record for future reference.

How do I get my exam results?

Exam results for Computer-based Test Centre Proctored and Computer-based Online Proctored exams are available online within 2 business days following the exam if you have no outstanding fees.

Exam results for Online Unproctored exams are available immediately upon submission.

Exam results for Paper-based Proctored exams are available online within 3 to 5 business days if you have no outstanding fees.

When your grade has been released, you can access your exam results by logging into your IFSE account. Once you have logged in:

  • Select “My IFSE”
  • Select “Courses”
  • Select “Show me my Marks for this Course” (this link only appears when your results are available).

What are Printed text materials or textbooks?

Printed text materials or textbooks are hardcopy versions of the online course material. They are optional to purchase and take between five to seven business days to be delivered. They do not include any interactive components (i.e., exercises, quizzes, case study and practice exam) from the online course. Instead, you are instructed to go online to complete those elements. This product is not refundable.

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